Okuma Multus B400-W 8-Axis CNC Turning Center Loaded w/Tooling

Okuma Multus B400-W 8-Axis CNC Turning Center Loaded w/Tooling

$124,500 (USD)

Louisville, KY

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The Okuma Multus B400W stands as a pinnacle of engineering excellence in the realm of multi-tasking CNC machines. This model is crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing, making it an ideal choice for industries where precision and versatility are paramount, such as aerospace, automotive, and complex component production. The Multus B400W distinguishes itself by integrating various machining operations – including turning, milling, drilling, and tapping – into one seamless and efficient workflow, thereby streamlining production and enhancing operational efficacy.

Key Technical Specifications

Control System: Equipped with Okuma's OSP-P control system, the Multus B400W offers sophisticated and user-friendly programming capabilities, facilitating complex machining tasks.

Spindle Configuration: The machine boasts a powerful main and sub-spindle, capable of handling demanding machining tasks with precision.

Tool Magazine: A large capacity tool magazine enhances the machine's ability to execute diverse machining operations without frequent tool changes.

Axis Capability: Advanced multi-axis functionality allows for precise and intricate machining of complex parts.

Technical Data

Key features of the Okuma Multus B400W include:

Integrated Machining Capabilities: Combines turning and milling in a single setup, greatly reducing production times and improving efficiency.

Thermal Stability: Incorporates advanced thermal compensation technology, maintaining machining accuracy over extended operation periods.

Robust Design: The Multus B400W's sturdy construction ensures durability and consistent performance under demanding industrial conditions.

Okuma Multus B400-W Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center 


- Okuma OSP-P200L Control

- Tool Presetter

- Chip Conveyor

- Coolant Tank & Pumps

- CAPTO C6 Milling Spindle

- Coolant Thru Spindle

- B Axis 0.001°

- Renishaw Probing


CNC Control: yes

Control Type: OSP-P200L

# Axis: 8

Swing: 27.95"

Turning Diameter: 26.37"

Center Distance: 59.06"

Chuck Size: 15" Kitagawa B215 Chuck

Bar Capacity: 4"

X Axis Travel: 27.17"

Y Axis Travel: 9.06"

Z Axis Travel: 60.83"

W Axis Travel: 61.06"

C Axis Index: 0.001°

B Axis Head Tilt: -30° to 195°

Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z): 1,575 ipm

Spindle Nose: A2-11

Spindle Speed: 2,800 rpm

Main Motor: 40 hp

Tailstock: no

Y Axis: yes

Live Tooling: yes

Live Tooling Speed: 10,000 rpm

Live Tooling Motor: 27 hp

Sub Spindle: yes

Sub Spindle Chuck: 12" Kitagawa B212 Chuck

Sub Spindle Nose: A2-6

Automatic Tool Changer Capacity: 40

Machine Dimensions: 227" x 107" x 118"

Machine Weight: 31,250 pounds

Machine comes loaded with tooling (around $35,000 worth)


ModelMultus B400-W
Serial Number128523
Stock Number1800