Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC Inverter Portable Welding Machine w/ Tons of Supplies

Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC Inverter Portable Welding Machine w/ Tons of Supplies

$2,500 (USD)

Louisville, KY

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Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC Inverter Portable Welding Machine BETTER THAN NEW BY FAR!!! This stick and TIG welding rig not only comes with a rolling cart with supply drawers and cabinet, these drawer and cabinet are filled with supplies!!! This welder is virtually new and has all the components to not only start welding but to keep welding for quite some time. This includes foot control, collet bodies, collets, ceramic cups, a large variety of electrode and welding rods. It also comes with a Jackson welding helmet and gloves. Only thing it doesn’t include is an argon tank. DON’T BE THE GUY THAT NEEDED THIS AND WAITED TOO LONG!!! This package is an extremely versatile stick & TIG welding system suitable for a wide range of applications. Offers AC and DC output for aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys, stainless and mild steel, and chromoly. At just 48.4 lbs, it’s light enough and compact enough to go wherever the job is, and with IP23S certification that includes outdoor jobsites. Backed by Thermal Arc’s unbeatable 3-year warranty. PROCESSES HF TIG (GTAW) Lift TIG (GTAW) STICK (SMAW) APPLICATIONS Aluminum Fabricators Training Institutions Maintenance & Repair On-Site & Portable Welding Applications Automotive, Boats & Trailers TIG (GTAW) AC and DC output for aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, stainless, mild steel & chrome moly’s. STICK (SMAW) Fixed Hot Start & Adjustable Arc Force Control for optimum Stick electrode performance. Other Features:


ManufacturerThermal Arc
Stock Number1346
Weight100 lbs
Process capabilityHF TIG (GTAW), LIFT TIG (GTAW), STICK (SMAW).
Ac frequencyAdjustable frequency of the AC square wave when welding on aluminum for optimized set up.
Wave balanceAdjustable for optimized penetration or cleaning action when welding on aluminum.
PulseChanges the weld current from high to low at a specified frequency, reduces heat input on thin material.
Preflow & postflowEnables independent control over shielding gas before and after the weld.
Upslope / downslope & crater modesEliminates blow holes on starting and cracking at the end of the weld.
Hot startEnsures consistent arc starting.
Hf arc startProvides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination.
Lift tig startProvides optimized TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency.
Digital metersVoltage and Amperage; Preview and Hold Capability for easy set up.
Trigger control4T (Latch) eliminates operator fatigue.
Gas purgeEnsures gas lines are purged at start of weld.
Comprehensive setup chartWeld set up guide for optimum welding performance over a wide range of materials.
Remote receptacleEnables connection of remote control devices like a foot pedal and torch slide control
Excellent portabilityLightweight at 48.4 lbs
Overload protectionShuts down the power source to protect the internal electrical components from overheating.
Meets ip23s standardsSuitable for outdoor use.