2015 Chmer CNC RAM EDM Model CM 434C


2015 Chmer CNC RAM EDM Model CM 434C

$39,500 (USD)

Dayton, OH


“Excellent Condition” Machine Tool Features S/N M15080512 2946 Hours The CHMER 434C is the product of decades of experience building EDM machine tools. It is a space- efficient three-piece design comprised of the machine tool, DI tank, and CNC control. • X, Y, and Z fully closed-loop Glass Scale feedback with .000020” (.0005mm) resolution • Ultra-high precision ball crews and LM Guides (ways) • Panasonic AC motors on all three axes • Remote control • Flushing Manifold with pressure and suction flush valves • Auto lube system • Halogen Work light All features listed above are standard equipment on the CHMER CM434C Construction The casting is a very rigid design in order to ensure longevity, stability, and offset the effects of temperature fluctuation. Remote control Provided as standard equipment, the remote allows the operator to perform operations such as jog, edge find, Macro Chuck open/close, tank fill and drain, program start and stop, and more. Auto lube system The machine is equipped with an Auto Lube system that is pre-programmed to deliver the correct amount of lubricant at the correct intervals to all necessary parts of the machine. CNC Control – Power Supply Features • Advanced Anti-Arc protection • Extremely user friendly • Conversational Programming • Auto cutting condition selection • More than 75 preprogrammed orbit routines • Fast cutting – 1.35 in3/hr with 50N power supply • Best wear rate – 0.2% • Best surface finish – 0.25 μm/Ra • Six-axis capable • Industrial-grade PC with dual Intel Pentium processors • LAN port • USB Port • 15” Color TFT The CHMER control with its intuitive conversational programming is very easy to use. The power supply is simple to manage. Of course, power selections are chosen automatically by the control. The operator simply inputs the following: Depth of cut Electrode material and work piece material Surface area of cut Wear rate Desired Surface Finish The control does the rest, changing power settings and orbits at the appropriate times in the burn to allow for electrode wear and achieve the desired surface finish in the shortest possible burn time. It provides the operator with optimum spark gap info, so there is no guessing about how far undersize to make the electrode. All parameters are easily edited. This is especially helpful when cutting exotic materials. There are many canned cycles built into the control such as edge find, center find, etc. which allow extremely fast setup. It is six-axis capable (axes other than X, Y, and Z are available at additional cost). Several choices are offered for communicating with the control, such as LAN port, USB Port, and MDI. It is powered by an industrial-grade PC with dual Intel Pentium processors. CHMER CM434C Machine Tool Distance from table to platen 9.8″ – 23.7” (250-600mm) Work tank size 41.3 x 24.4 x 13.8” (1050x630x350mm) This can be modified to increase depth. (factory option) Work table size 25.5” x 15.7” (650 x 400mm) Maximum workpiece weight 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg) Maximum electrode weight 220 lbs. (100 kg) Drive system Fully closed loop, AC Servo, Glass scales Minimum resolution .000020” (.0005 mm) Maximum machining speed 1.35 in3/hr (2.12 in3/hr with optional 75N power supply) Outside dimensions 48.8” x 54.3” x 87.8” high (1240 x 1380 x 2230 mm) Weight 3,080 lbs. (1400 kg) CNC Control Best surface finish 0.25 μm/Ra Maximum current output 50 amps standard, optional up to 300 amps Data input MDI, LAN port, and USB port Display 15” color TFT Controllable axes 6 (4th ~6th axis must be purchased separately) Cutting conditions 10,000 Input power 4 kVA with 50N power supply, 5kVa w/ 75n power supply Outside dimensions 24″ x 33″ x 73” (620 x 850 x 1860mm) Weight 484 LBS. (220 kg) Dielectric System Capacity 103 gal. ( 390 liters) Filter elements Paper (2) Fluid temperature control Chiller, automatic (optional) Weight 176 lbs. (80 kg) Excellent Condition


ModelCM 434C
Serial NumberM15080512
Stock Number1076
Weight3740 lbs
Travels x7” (400mm)
Y8” (300mm)
Z8” (350mm)
Dimensions55.1” x 31.4” x 16.9” (1400 x 800 x 430mm)